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With more than 20 years as an Engineer I have the training and credentials to work as a consultant in developing technical concepts. This comes from my creative nature and ability to think outside the box. This came at a young age from the encouragement of my father to think big, and the stories of the patents my great grandfather received developing machinery for the felt hat industry. Three years in the US Navy working on Nuclear powered submarines allowed me to immerse (pardon the pun) myself in large scale thinking. To gain greater insight into the technical science of how things work I then went on to earn a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and 1 1/2 years toward an Masters Degree in Manufacturing Engineering.

I was fortunate in my first professional job as a Design Engineer because the company was embracing total quality and The Deming philosophy of empowerment. This allows me to look at projects in a way that provide long term benefit vs short term gains. This coupled with a manager that completely understood design and was intrigued with my big picture thinking was the perfect combination for the first design project I was in charge of.

Challenge – redesign the mold that make the Lip-Balm Cap. Seems straight forward enough, but I saw opportunity for improvement. With my educational background in plastic flow analysis I was able to drastically improve the design of the mold and reduce the amount of plastic that was wasted and improve the production rate. This was accomplished while many of the managers were skeptical that the benefits would materialize, when they did everyone was a believer.

This early success gave me faith in the unorthodox ideas I envision.
Computers – Growing up in the age of the personal computer and then internet I have always been an advocate and look for ways to use computers to improve communications, productivity and accuracy. I have also worked with my programs from artificial intelligence, CAD-CAM, Business Systems ERP CRM.
Machine – Injection molding, CNC machining centers, CMM inspection machines, custom packaging machines.
Systems – Automation between computers and machines and business systems.

What I bring to the Table – When working with clients I am able to look out into the future.